Natasha Reay 

Be honest to yourself and hold yourself accountable

Natasha is our resident.

Natasha aka Tee Reay 

Tee has been involved with the fitness industry from 2016 after completing her degree in Dancing followed with now being a full time Remedial therapist. Even though she has retired from dancing competitively you can guarantee she will be popping a move in every session.

Alongside treatments Tee loves to coach the lower body classes working on big compound movements to compliment her understanding of movement patterns to lift safely. If there is something Tee is picky with its technique. 

One of Tee’s biggest achievements was leaping across to Australia from the UK – one of her biggest challenges now is making sure everyone understands her accent in class!

Tee’s preferred style of training is functional strength training – the smallest of accessory movements make the biggest difference to your overall lift. As much as she dislikes jumping lunges … burpees are her go to cardio.

When Tee is not massaging or coaching she is usually at the local coffee shop, walking the dog or cooking up every treat off tiktok. 

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