Karyn Windle 

Lift weights ladies! Do not be scared of lifting heavy! There are so many benefits of lifting weights – give it a go and you won’t regret it

Karyn aka Kaz is our resident strong woman. 

Karyn has been a qualified PT for over 5 years, empowering women to become a stronger confident version of themselves.

You will see Karyn in and around the gym coaching classes, training hard with Coach Shane on a regular basis and offering our members support. If you have a question she’s your lady!

Karyn is a sucker for lifting weights - the feeling of being strong and the health benefits you can gain, is empowering for her and the others she influences in the gym. 

We know being a parent and working out can be difficult but Kaz is the prime example of what is possible when you are surrounded by a community who want you to succeed. Karyn is a mum of 2 very active children so one of her hobbies is facilitating their sports and training alongside her own! Talk about wonder woman.

Her children are her greatest achievements and strive to be the best role model for them.

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